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Theme parks, museums, parliaments, auditoriums and conferences, theatres, environment centres, . . . BGL has developed a great deal of activity in these fantastic places through successful formulas based on reliability, innovation, design and technology. Our technological packages and solutions fro radio and television production centres, our digital signage and our event, consultancy and maintenance services are highly regarded by our customers.

Our staff develops, sets up and supervises projects in a number of áreas, including the following:


A key factor in communication processes are audiovisual elements, intended to reinforce and facilitate point-to-point information, information from one person to a number of them, overcoming barriers related to language and distance, and supporting verbal aspects with graphical aids. The optimization of all these elements, achieved thanks to deep expertise in the field, provides added value available to prospective customers whenever our services are requested.


In all areas, and in this in particular, success of results keeps direct relationship to the means available, compatibility, interrelationship ….In order to plan and instal the most suitable means, we provide expertise, an innovative attitude and our extensive experience in the sector, as well as solutions in the fields of illumination, virtual scenography, outside broadcasting, ENGs, post-production, multimedia writing, storage, automatization and production centres.

BGL is also the forerunner and continuator of SGT (Servicios Generales de Teledifusión) All of SGT’s expertise was transferred to BGL Audiovisual, so BGL’s profesional service was united to that of SGT.

MDD (Dynamic Digital Marketing)

Our digital signage projects allow for the management of news, advertising contents from a centre which displays on a network of screens at any given moment what the marketing department demands anywhere through the network. They also establish an in-house corporate cannel which allows for videoconferencing, distance training, confidential information, selectable by means of a set top box on an interactive basis.


Bearing customer needs in mind, we can provide service contracts including the following options, or any other ones rerquested by the customer: event services, tv services, engineering projects, AV and consultancy projects and maintenance projects.


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