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Royal Theatre (Madrid)

Royal Theatre (Madrid)

Cliente: Sony

PROJECT: A New High-Definiiton Production Centre

The Spanish Royal Family often frequents the famous opera theatre of Madrid, which is considered one of the most important in Spain and in Europe. The theatre is located in front of the Royal Palace and has capacity for up to 1746 people. The stage measures 1,430 m2.

Sony was contracted for this job. BGL installed a high-definition audiovisual projection centre to cover the capturing, edition and recording needs for the different events of the theatre. To capture images, we installed 9 SONY DHC-1500 robotised cameras with the possibility of operating 4 of the cameras remotely with sensor-fed tripods.

To edit and process signals in HD, we installed a mixer, a commuter matrix (72x72), graphic arts systems and a complete subtitling system. The recording of the different signals was centralised in the HDXChange File system, with simultaneous intake of 6 channels, in addition to 4 XDXAM and 2 HDCAM magnetoscopes, all manufactured by Sony.

For the audio part, BGL opted for the STUDER VISTA 5 solution with 2 work consoles, one for the production control and the other to transmit the signal with capacity for 5.1, a PROTOCOLS HD audio post-production system with a work console and wireless microphones.

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