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BGL Audiovisual´s wide range of services satisfies all market needs: from consultancy and project design, to equipment supply, installation, integration and start-up; from management outsourcing to technical audiovisual resources or technical assistance.


Being able to guarantee supply anywhere round the world, we are totally confident that we will be able to develop any project anywhere.

Programmation control

Our Control Department creates easy functional interfaces in order to make it possible for your staff to use our systems in a natural and intuitive manner.

Design, Ideas, Concept

We get efficient and exciting designs by understanding our clients’ needs.

Engineering and Integration

Turning audiovisual concepts into useful realities, together with a reliable project team able to provide the product on schedule, generates in our staff self-confidence to meet any challenge.


Our highly-qualified technical support staff will take care of your equipment and systems, so that they will be available for use.


We make it sure that our clients get fully managed or tailored services to help your event achieve maxi mum impact.


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