Ángel Gil, non-executive president of BGL Audiovisual, was in charge of receiving and thanking the Eduardo Ducay honorary award given to the Aragon Audiovisual Cluster in his capacity as vice president.

Since its creation, just over a year ago, the group has brought together a very significant group of Aragonese companies, totaling a turnover of 400 million euros and generating 650 jobs. Among the institutions, Universidad San Jorge is also part of the set of institutions, companies and entities that make up the cluster.

Ángel Gil had the opportunity to address the students and conveyed to them the growing demand for qualified professionals caused by the current momentum of the sector in Spain. The audiovisual industry is going through a renaissance and is confirmed as one of the fastest growing sectors. Leading production centers in Europe such as Madrid Content City, promoted by the founders of Grupo Secuoya and making it the largest audiovisual hub in the European Union, corroborate this.

Finally, Ángel Gil congratulated the rector Berta Sáez for her support for the cluster and the high quality of the work presented by the students, as well as the deputy mayor of Zaragoza, Sara Fernández, for her support for the audiovisual industry from the City Council of the city.

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