Museums, Expo pavilions, Temporary exhibitions


Theatres, Auditoriums, Congresses, Experience centres & others


Maintenance, Outsourcing, TV Accessibility (Subtitling)


Mobile Units

To know in depth, to merge and synchronize audio, video, IT, AR, VR and control technologies, allows as to deal with the most advanced projects imaginable. Succesful experiences on numerous projects around the world, make us to be recognized as surety company for cutting-edge technologies integration.


BGL Audiovisual started its international adventure with the ONU Pavilion project during Lisbon Expo 1998, Portugal, to subsquently go across the Iberian Peninsula borders.

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We are part of Secuoya Content Group, leading group in creation, production and distribution of audiovisual and digital content, as well as building relationships between brands and people.

Secuoya leads the transformation of the audiovisual industry in six countries: Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico and the United States, as well as having an executive presence throughout the Spanish national territory.

Secuoya provides innovative and disruptive solutions to create, produce and manage any audiovisual product and service accompanying clients to ensure the success of their actions, both in the way of television content and in the development of “branded content” and “transmedia” strategies to connect brands with their target audiences.


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