Dinópolis, the cultural, scientific and leisure space dedicated to dinosaurs designed and executed by Acciona expands the headquarters with the aim of adding new sensory experiences, a project in which BGL is once again participating. The new six completely themed rooms: The Lobby, the Reef, the Sima, the Aquarium, the Volcano and the Coast make up a new route that proposes an experience that will transport visitors to the park, both in space and in time, to the depths of the Earth to be able to observe the seabed of remote oceans and whose main element will be the audiovisual productions that the visitor will find in each room.

One of the most representative spaces would be "The Bathyscaphe", which simulates the descent into the depths of the sea through a system of electric motors that shakes the cubicle, as well as eight 55" screens that act as windows with a setting of the seabed and a 4.2 system immersive sound.

During the tour you can find different interactive activities through horizontal monitors, which allow you to navigate the content of the flora and fauna of the Jurassic, as well as projections on the ground that adapt to the movement when we pass over them.

The projections play an important role throughout the space, the feeling of immersion is reinforced with some in 2.5d. This is achieved with a double projection on the same plane, which, being located at a certain distance one above the other, achieves the sensation of depth, using a classic flat projection on the screen, and a second on a mesh that allows one to see behind it. .
Twenty years after being part of the execution of the Teruel theme park, BGL returns with an immersive audiovisual proposal.

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