BGL Audiovisual, a Secuoya Content Group company, has produced the audiovisual integration of two new temporary exhibitions at the National Museum of Qatar: "The Shape of Time: Art and Ancestors of Oceania from the Metropolitan Museum of Art" (until 15 January 2024) and "Growing Kopi, Drinking Qahwa: Stories of Coffee in Qatar and Indonesia" (until 17 February 2024).

"The Shape of Life: Art and Ancestors of Oceania..." takes as its starting point the collection of art from this continent held by the Metropolitan Museum in New York, showing an exuberant and heterogeneous culture through more than 110 works from the last four centuries. These works reflect the rich history of creative expression that characterises these island territories, and the interconnectedness of Pacific Islanders and their rich cultural heritage.

BGL Audiovisual has been responsible for the installation of different monitors and their controller with HIVE players and an ambient sound during the tour, configured from the Brightsigns digital signage player.

The second exhibition, "Growing Kopi, Drinking Qahwa: Stories of Coffee in Qatar and Indonesia", is about the coffee traditions of Qatar and Indonesia and is part of the Qatar-Indonesia Year of Culture 2023, whose events are in close collaboration with the National Museum of Indonesia. 

The exhibition space in this case combines interactive Multitaction monitors with educational resources and games for children, immersive audiovisuals, olfactory landscapes and specially designed artworks, creating an enriching experience around the culture and industry of coffee.

The two immersive projection rooms were equipped with NEC projectors. One of them has four projectors that create a 360º projection, in harmony with the auditory proposal established for the entire route. 

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