BGL Audiovisual, a company belonging to the Secuoya Content Group, participates in the audiovisual integration of 'Terra extraordinària', located on the third floor of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. This new exhibition space has as its objective a faithful approach to the content that deepens the knowledge of planet Earth and its sustainable development, thanks to the latest interactive technologies and Virtual Reality.

The visit begins with the cosmic calendar of particles through a composition of monitors with six 55' screens embedded in a mirror structure, together with a Brightsign player, which represents the most important milestones in the history of the universe.
Below, visitors will find a spherical projection of the first photograph of Earth from space, known as The blue marble. This production is made up of a 6,200 lm Panasonic projector and a computer in charge of mapping thanks to the Watchout video editing software.

In addition to this first introductory room, visitors will find, in the main room of the exhibition, four independent projections with 6,200lm Panasonic projectors and Brightsign players, which respect the design and provide light. The projections show information about the four subsystems (spheres) that make up the Earth: Geosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere, and Atmosphere.
Along with the informative videos, an immersive audio system with Monacor resonators is being developed. In turn, three structures designed with tubes allow the little ones to live immersive sound experiences, thanks to different environmental recordings: sounds of a volcano, different animals and water.

The exhibition concludes in the interactive module, which has a touch monitor on the contents, as well as a Virtual Reality room, where an immersive space is simulated thanks to the Oculus 2 glasses.

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