BGL Audiovisual, a company belonging to Grupo Secuoya, completes its participation in the Carnival Museum, which has recently opened its doors to the public in the Palacio de los Marqueses de Recaño. This initiative, which combines folklore, history and tradition in the same space.

"We have managed to create a cultural, educational and tourist experience with an intangible heritage that is imprinted in the genes of Cadiz society. And thanks to technology we have managed to transfer the emotions and feelings that Carnival arouses to the visiting public", adds Israel Sousa , director of Cultural Media as well as a museographer, cultural manager and museum commisioner.

In addition to numerous interactive touch screens and sound equipment, as well as monitors that support the tour, BGL Audiovisual Engineering has implemented pioneering technology in cultural spaces. It is a video wall made up of nine monitors of different sizes, with a projection on the ground, which, thanks to software, allows content to be displayed in a completely new way.

Specifically, this technology is called BLOCKS (Pixilab). This software allows all the museum's audiovisual content to be hosted on a local server that can be accessed via an ethernet network or via Wi-Fi in the case of video guides. This can be static, videos, synchronous videos (video wall) or touch content. all this through a GB network or a standard WIFI connection without bandwidth problems. The software incorporates an editor that allows you to create menus, layouts, add texts, launch content through sensors, etc...

Another fundamental and differentiating advantage of this museum lies in transferring the video guide to the mobile device, simply connecting the terminal to the WIFI network and accessing through NFC technology.

The permanent exhibition of the festival's interpretation center will be "a living collection that will change from time to time", according to the Cádiz City Council itself. Of course, it focuses a good part of the journey on the creative part, which includes the lyrics, music, type and staging.

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