On March 16th, the Ivan Tovar Immersive Exhibition was presented in Santo Domingo, attended by personalities such as the Minister of Culture, Milagros Germán, Héctor Rizeck and the Rizeck Foundation, María Amalia León from the León Cultural Center and Daniela Tovar, among other personalities. 

BGL Audiovisual Engineering, a company of the Secuoya Group, at the request of the Ivan Tovar Foundation, has been in charge of the assembly and audiovisual integration for the development of this immersive exhibition, the first by a Dominican author of worldwide dimension.

Born in 1942 in San Francisco de Macorís (Dominican Republic), Tovar was recognized for his daring surrealist theme. This exhibition will have a long journey as it will be inaugurated on April 6th 2022 in Plaza España, Ciudad Colonial and its doors will be open until June 6th 2022, the day of its closing. Later the exhibition will travel to other countries such as France, Holland, Belgium and the United States.
BGL Audiovisual Engineering has managed to provide an unprecedented vision, developing spaces full of audiovisual content and equipping the 550 square meters of immersive exhibition with state-of-the-art video projection and multi-channel audio systems.

For the creation of the projections and visual material, we have started from a selection of approximately 200 images between works, letters and photographs that have been fully integrated by a team of specialists in immersive projection and audio content and thanks to which, the visitors will be able to navigate through the life of the artist.

These contents have been generated with 2D and 3D techniques by a team of designers, animators and artists who combine the latest animation techniques including the most relevant artistic components of the exhibition. To this end, BGL has had the support of the company Romera Infographics and Design, specialized in the development of unique content. With more than 20K perimeter resolution and thanks to the use of thirty state-of-the-art laser projectors for walls and floors, an attempt has been made to reinterpret the work of this author to achieve one of the best immersive exhibitions worldwide.

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