BGL Audiovisual provided the supply and installation of the audiovisual equipment and the integration of the video projection system for CULTURAL MEDIA DESIGN, the stand's main contractor, under the design and museographic development of Israel Sousa.

The institutional stand of Peru, conceived by the curatorial team of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Peru and directed by Jorge Villacorta, presented a configuration inspired by the huts called "maloca" of the Shipibo-Konibo ethnic group, inhabitants of the Peruvian Amazon. The gabled roof, supported by two vertical structures, gives shelter to a communal room with two perimeter benches where ceremonies and social events take place.

This space, served for an immersive video installation with an audiovisual production that summed up 5000 years of Peruvian artistic visuality.

The Stand was a meeting and rest point for the more than 100,000 visitors who passed through the Fair and achieved great success and recognition for our customers

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