The sky of Seville is dressed in lights with the new installation of its tallest tower, the Torre Sevilla, thanks to the participation of BGL Audiovisual, a Grupo Secuoya company. On February 28th, on the occasion of the regional Day, the Terrace  Atalaya of the Hotel Eurostars Torre Sevilla 5* presented a light show by planB, which can be enjoyed every day from anywhere in the city.

The new artistic lighting system includes different installations in the outer rings of the upper floors of the skyscraper. A synchronized system of lights, colors and movement that create an optical festival that can be admired both from inside and outside the building.

A sustainable facility

In accordance with Grupo Secuoya's commitment to preserving the environment, the lighting system installed in the Torre Sevilla is made up of a set of lights, designed by VanCram S. L., more efficient and guaranteeing sustainable energy consumption: 282 RGBW LED luminaires, installed around the last four rings of the tower (levels 38 and 41).

The distribution is meticulously distributed: 84 are divided between the first two rings, 72 are located in the third and 42 in the last. All of them with a cover designed and manufactured to measure to avoid contaminating the viewpoint with light and control the direction towards the outside. In addition, in order to avoid visual breaks on the elements of the space, it also has some pipes that are aesthetically hidden with decorative elements.

For the management of the luminaires, BGL has used a software called Madrix, which works through a computer and allows the designs to be configured according to the client's needs. A support that rests on a rack through a second computer and that connects each of the signals with an optical fiber located on the ground floor. Smart technology will enable a display of custom lights and motions that create a low-emission, sustainable innovation of the city's most famous viewpoint.

Image courtesy of Grupo Hotusa

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