BGL will take charge of the preventive and corrective maintenance of the audiovisual installations located in the Courts of Aragon as well as future installations.

For the management we will perform the following tasks:

  • Preparation and preliminary verification of the teams in all the events organized in the Parliament.
  • Realization and technical coverage of ordinary and extraordinary institutional acts.
  • Recording, cataloging and archiving of all acts held in Parliament.
  • Technical assistance to the media.
  • Basic edition of audiovisual content and recording.
  • Management of all the rented material.
  • Creation of infographics, reports, interactive, graphics, maps and panels for the website of the Courts of Aragon.
  • Video and audio recordings through ENG equipment and basic video editing.
  • Streaming of all the plenums and the relevant commissions.

To this end, the Joint Venture (Bienvenido Gil S.L. - Actualidad Media S.L.) will place 5 permanent technicians in the courts, plus staff for maintenance, extraordinary events, etc ...


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