BGL (Grupo Secuoya) has designed and executed the installation of all the audiovisual systems of the Auditorium of the new headquarters of the Secuoya Group, located in the Madrid town of Tres Cantos and which houses Netflix's first production centre in Europe.

It is a modern and versatile space that includes the latest technical and technological advances to transfer an immersive experience to the viewer. With a capacity of 267 people, the Sequoia Auditorium in Tres Cantos is adapted for the disabled and has wide access in the form of a multipurpose hall.

In accordance with the main need to create a multifunctional room that could cover any need in Secuoya Studios, from a small event to the projection of content with surround sound, a series of audiovisual elements have been provided, all they of leading brands, and that confer spectacular quality, both to the video and the sound part.

For this project, the latest generation of video, sound, lighting and projection tools were chosen, given the varied use that the audience wanted to give. It was decided to integrate two independent subsystems to function as an auditorium itself or as a cinema projection room. For this, we have opted for leading manufacturers that ensure the necessary quality.

One of the strengths of the equipment is the projector, a 4K that exceeds the highest quality standards in the sector. Similarly, wireless microphone achieves supreme quality sound and an immersive experience.

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