Its location (in the La Latina neighborhood in Madrid) and the fact that it has indoor athletic facilities unique to the city, makes the Gallur sports centre a paradigm for what a 21st century sports centre should be like. A bespoke technological structure was required, capable of showing images, information and results of the activities carried out there. With local, national and international projections, the Gallur sports centre needed very specific dimensions and high quality resolution to provide real-time information to the public, television and press. 

BGL was responsible for providing the technological equipment, a high resolution LED screen (1680 x 840 px), with a graphic surface of 50 square meters, which is suspended from the ceiling by a motorized structure that enables it to be raised and lowered as required. 

Thanks to the innovative control system installed by our technicians, it is possible to manage, in real-time, the information and images received, projection, video processing and interpretation of received commands. 

In addition, the screen more than meets the energy standards stipulated by the City of Madrid. Thus, Grupo Secuoya not only pays attention to the care and quality it offers in its projects, but also with its commitment and respect for the environment.

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