BGL Audiovisual stands out in all the audiovisual engineering projects, by integrating three of the pavilions that make up the enclosure of  the Astaná Expo 2017 (capital of Kazajistán),commissioned by Acciona Production and Design (APD).

The accomplishment of the Spain and the United Arab Emirates, and also the first two floors of the Kazakhstan National Pavilion, has demanded a huge effort to BGL, both for the tight deadline, as for the great complexity and innovation of all the audiovisual installations.

Under the motto of the Expo “Energy for the future”, each pavilion has focused on its own theme, on which the audiovisual project on its own theme, on which the audiovisual project has focused.

The Spain Pavilion, under the motto “Spain, Energy for the Planet”, will show its history of exploitation of natural resources and its commitment renewable energies, as well as the importance of the fight against the climate change for the planet. For this, BGL has installed an explanatory mural with audiovisual effects that will provide the visitant a more dynamic and interactive experience.

On the other hand, the United Arab Emirates pavilion, designed by the RAA office (Ralph Applebaum Associated), generates and interior tour whose central space has immersive projections of 6 meter highs and tessellated paraments, where the evolution of the Arab Emirates will be recreated from the perspective of a modern an inspiring nation that will go a step further towards energy innovation.

Ultimately, the Kazakhstan National Pavilion has dedicated each level, of the 8 in total that the building has, to a type of energy: hydraulic, space energy, solar and wind power, biomass and kinetics. BGL has been in charge of the audiovisual engineering project of the first two levels. On the ground floor, more generic and thematized on the host country, highlights the “Canopy”, a triangular structure in which immersive projections have been installed on the landscapes of Kazakhstan, meanwhile on the second floor these projections deal with the corresponding theme: hydraulic energy.

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