The company BLG (Grupo Secuoya) has carried out the integration of the audiovisual equipment for the recently inaugurated Sport Xperience by Rafa Nadal,Mallorca. The space, situated in the sports complex Rafa Nadal Sports Centre in Manacor, offers impressive interactive installations and exhibitions (developed by the company CUBENSIS) and exhibitions that transform this sports museum into a one-of-a-kind space worldwide. The design of the museum was the work of the company KOMODO. 
Sporting items donated by some of the most important sportspeople in the history of world sport, numerous interactive screens with interesting information about sport, and a unique exhibition of the most important trophies in the career of the popular Mallorcan tennis player are just some of the attractions in this area of Sport Xperience. 

Attention should also be given to the spectacular screening room with the latest in sound and image technology with a huge screen measuring 21 linear metres. It is a 180-degree wraparound screen, which projects a video that includes the collaboration of sportspeople such as Pau Gasol, Roger Federer, Cristiano Ronaldo or Tiger Woods. Visitors can also enjoy an exhibition of the projects of the Rafa Nadal Foundation (part of the proceeds from the Museum of Sport will support charitable projects by the tennis player’s Foundation). 

Learn about sport through simulators
This museum in Majorca is more than just exhibitions. “Sport Xperience” offers its visitor various interactive activities, such as the experience of racing in one of the four simulators that allow you to drive a Formula 1 at 300 kilometers per hour. Visitors can feel like professional sportspeople with simulators for different disciplines such as rowing, cycling down a mounting, Formula 1, football and many more. Once again, BGL becomes the technology partner with the most ambitious projects to contribute to spreading culture, sport and to offer visitors unique experiences.

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