BGL will be responsible of mostly all the engineering and audiovisual installation of the National Museum of Qatar, a project in the Persian bay (Doha) and which inauguration will take part at the end of the year.

The project has been attendant to BGL by UTE MAN EMPTY, formed by the Lebanese company MAN ENTERPRISE LLC and the Spanish company EMPTY SL, which were selected by Qatar Museums for the accomplishment of the museography that includes, among others installations, the integrity of all the audiovisual equipment.

BGL, actually situates in the development phase of the previous engineering, will be responsible of the installation and commissioning of the majority of the audiovisual equipment, that includes the integrity of projections with large format  projections of  4K of high luminosity, numerous displays and a variety of interactive systems.

For this project, BGL will allocate more than 70 professionals between Qatar and Spain in job positions that go through audio and video engineers, project manager, integrators, developers, experts in REVIT, IT and AutoCAD.

The Bedouin culture union and the modernity it becomes clear not only because of the exhibit and the architecture of the own museum: is reinforced with the new technologies applied to the musealization. Audiovisual projectors, mobile applications, virtual reality, digital models in 3D are some of the resources that will be used in the exposition.

The National Museum of Qatar is designed by the prestigious architect Jean Nouvel, who has been inspired in the rock formation “desert rose” and the building will provide 8,000 square meters of permanent exhibition and another 2,000 for temporary exhibitions.

The museum is ubicated in the Doha´s seafront, the capital of Qatar has been built around the original palace of Sheik Abdullah bin Jassim Al-Thani, his family home and seat of government for 25 years and who has sheltered the national museum since 1975.

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