Prado National Museum (Madrid)

Client: Prado National Museum, Madrid

The internationally acclaimed Prado Museum, with the aim of promoting research and development about the museum’s own contents, is responsible for hosting numerous activities and events related to its collections and works of art. Due to its experience and track record, BGL has been in charge of providing audiovisual technology assistance at these events. BGL also provides this service at other locations within Museum Campus, which is made up of the Auditorium (414 seats), the Conference Room in the Jeronimos building (48 seats), The Magna Room (Sala Magna) (42 seats) and classrooms at the Cason del Buen Retiro building (40 seats). In addition to this, BGL periodically provides other mobile equipment for installations at the Cloister, exhibition halls and other spaces that make up the campus.
The various systems that our technicians implement range from conference systems to simultaneous translation, cameras, video projection, impressive audio and video broadcasts, film projection, live streaming audio and video recording, spectacular lighting, control of audiovisual devices and signal routing.
Thanks to the exemplary service offered by BGL, the activities programmed at the museum are a huge success, enabling the propagation of art closely linked to Spanish history.

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